Mike Braniff

Mike Braniff

Musician Entertainer Producer

Musician Entertainer Producer

About Me


The Past...

This past Halloween, I celebrated my 34th anniversary of playing as a professional musician.

Over the years, I've been the lead singer, the bass player, the rhythm guitar player and keyboard player, in over 25 bands, from a full-blown 'OZZY' tribute band, a skinny-spandex and guyliner 80's cover band with exploding hair, a killer 4-piece rock band recording act, a rock duo, and then a solo act as The Party Hog.

I've worked in some professional music stores, working in pro-audio, stage lighting, and recording software.
That experience eventually led me to be one of the audio engineers and co-producers at Small World Studios in Kamloops, BC.

I even spent a year working as a singing actor for Rocky Mountaineer Vacations in the 'TWO RIVER JUNCTION' show, playing a very Chris Farley like character in a story about Billy Miner, Canada's notorious train robber...and yes, I even wore a dress for the role. There's a pic on here somewhere...

I've made a few websites here and there, done lots of TV and radio, and in 2005, made my own 75 minute movie autobiography called 'The Official Party Hog Movie'.


The Present...


Check out my live show: http://partyhog.com/

Also check out the syndicated blues radio program I'm proud to be engineer & co-producer of: http://atcblues.ca/ 

So now I work at my home studio, on some recording projects and jingles, and am currently recording a blues rock CD, as well as the 2nd Party Hog CD.  

In 2017, I celebrate my 17th year as Mike *The Party Hog* and I'm hitting the road for the next couple of years to record parts of my new CD live.  


The Future...

Beside still playing full time, I'm also currently booker and promotions manager for the Blackhorse Pub in Fort McMurray, AB.

Producing young artists, mentoring, teaching...I give you advice whether you need it or not!

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Talk to me...

Mike Braniff

7520 149A Ave, Edmonton, AB T5C2W6, CA

(780) 995-6464


365 days a year...

Just don't call before 10am

Better yet, see us in person!

See my calendar on my Party Hog website to see my next live gig!